Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Satin Smooth Waxing Products Review

As a division of the Conair Corporation, a 50 year old beauty company, Satin Smooth has become a leading brand for salons and spas who offer professional waxing services to their clients.

Satin Smooth offers multiple waxes that contain ingredients and fragrances to suit every client's desire or preference. Using ingredients such as Aloe Vera for moisture and healing, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus to help open pores for better removal of hair, and Lavender and Chamomile for a soothing and relaxing effect, each Satin Smooth wax is formulated with unique ingredients and fragrances to ensure a wonderful waxing experience that leaves clients feeling pampered and cared for. There is even a special Satin Smooth wax formulated just for removing men's coarse hair. No matter what the specific need or request, Satin Smooth has developed a wax to met every need.

All Satin Smooth waxes contain titanium dioxide, which acts as a natural buffer on the skin, protecting the skin from injury and irritation without the necessity of talcum powder. They also contain propolis, a natural botanical ingredient that adds to the comfortable experience that Satin Smooth waxes provide to the client and aesthetician.

Their double wax warmer is the ideal set-up for the professional waxer in the salon or spa. With four independent warming wells, each able to hold a 14 oz can of wax, client's can be given several options in ingredients and fragrance to ensure that there is a wax that suits their skin, hair type, and personal preference. Each warmer has its own on and off switch and adjustable thermostat, so they can be operated independently and heated to different temperatures while still sharing a docking station which saves space and adds convenience. This wax warmer warms Satin Smooth waxes to the perfect temperature for totally safe, yet effective hair removal on any area of the body and any type of hair - even extremely coarse and hard to remove hair types. The wax can be warmed to the ideal consistency for even and easy spreading over the skin, further promoting the most effective hair removal and silkiest, smoothest skin. The Satin Smooth Double Wax Warmer heats up in just 30 minutes and can remain plugged in and warm all day, so your last client of the day will have the same amazing experience as your first.

When a woman chooses waxing over shaving or plucking, even with the associated pain involved with waxing, she does so for the far superior results that waxing creates. Perfectly smooth hair-free skin that lasts much longer than shaving, as well as satiny smooth skin that is not subjected to the irritation and parched skin that razors can cause. Salons and spas who desire to give their clients the most comfortable and effective waxing experience, and the softest and silkiest results, rely on thee professional waxes, wax warmers, and accessories for satiny smooth hair-free skin.

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